I am Elizabeth Tatenda Chidanamabwe, a 23 year old Zimbabwean lady who recently completed a Bachelor of Arts double major degree in Business and Social Science at Monash University South Africa.I have a passion to help, to raise individuals’ self esteem and to ensure their full commitment towards development of their communities. I strongly believe that the world can be a better place if the youth, especially those in disadvantaged communities, are enlightened and given the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

l want to reach out to as many disadvantaged individuals as l can. As someone who was once crippled (financially and socially) following loss of my parents but then got someone reach out to me to further my studies and expose me to the world, l value philanthropy and entrepreneurship. l will not be happy if the world still have gender inequalities, poor education systems, poor access to social media or environmental concerns. l want to play part in the Africa’s 50 year development plan. When l see women being fully represented (especially in Africa) in huge institutions, then l will celebrate my years.

l want to be a policy maker, a woman who will be actively involved in bringing changes that enhance youth leadership. My main concern is the living conditions and systems that most youths in the Third World are growing up exposed to. l want Zimbabwe to change and be a country which offers equal opportunities to all youths. Young entrepreneurs should arise from the nation, a generation that shall march and change the economy, the social statuses, the health systems and gender problems. Together with the other youths, we are going to design plans, formulate ideas and get practically involved in solving global problems.

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