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Last week l highlighted on how having hope and a strong passion can shape the path one chooses to follow. Today l will briefly discuss how beneficial and influential being YOUNG and DYNAMIC can be to one’s future goals.

Yesterday I had the privilege to attend and be part of life-changing discussions on the Young and Dynamic Virtual Fellowship. My sincere gratitude goes to the whole team who organized it and to the founder of course, Mrs. Tsitsi Masiyiwa (one of Africa’s most influential philanthropist). She is mother to more than 40 000 young (and I AM ONE OF THEM:):) people from across Africa (Burundi, Zimbabwe, Lesotho) whom she support financially for them to have access to education. She also runs workshops, Young and Dynamic Virtual Fellowship inclusive,that builds and encourage these young people’s physical and spiritual minds. They learn to be active citizens, to participate on global platforms and to fight for the betterment of their communities. Her organisation, Higherlife Foundation, has raised social entrepreneurs, doctors, activists, policy makers, teachers as well as other philanthropists.

That was just a brief highlight on the power, passion and love behind the Young and Dynamic virtual fellowship. The fellowship, which takes place every Saturday 5pm (GMT+1) on WebEx, is a life transforming and enabling tool for any person who wants to be a global change maker. Every week the program accommodates a panel which discusses global issues. From education to poverty, social entrepreneurship to economy, tribalism to gender equality, climate change and philanthropy. It is a moment where youths are given the platform to air out their views, concerns and solutions to existing global challenges. Apart from these discussions, there is also a privilege to hear the Word of God. There is a segment where we listen to Holy Spirit fed messages that we can apply to our day to day lives.

Yesterday there was a discussion on LEADERSHIP. A young man by the name Moses Machipisa highlighted on what makes up a good leader. He emphasized on the skills and characteristics that would define leadership which l could summarize in these few words VISION, COURAGE, PURPOSE, WILLINGNESS TO LEARN, INNOVATION and SACRIFISE. He advised us to learn and reflect on one of Strive Masiyiwa’s quotes

strive-masiyiwa From this message l realized that as young people, we have to arm ourselves with knowledge and design goals that will shape our future.

Mrs Masiyiwa also shared on what it means to be YOUNG and DYNAMIC. She emphasized on the importance of us using this tool (the Virtual Fellowship) to bring youths from across the globe for global collaboration. We are a young people with a purpose, who, if we are driven by love, can make tremendous changes in the existing chaotic world. By being “young and dynamic” we can construct frameworks that would better the lives of others.

To put it in one of the most famous and influential actors’ words, “all we need is to work hard, make connections and we will work with the right people for a rightful cause”    .10484996_10152521368531201_1564232623802394394_n

What an amazing hour I had yesterday…interacting with like minded people ##globalconnections##I invite you all to join this youth led iniative to create global solutions to global problems ##@YoungAndDynamic##Webex##leadership##success


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