The power of Hope and Passion

Published August 18, 2014 by TATENDA


What a memorable moment l had today. I met and interacted with three young and vibrant youths who are ready to bombard the world with their great entrepreneurial and community engaging ideas. As part of my research (for my Honours dissertation) which is mainly focusing on Youth Development, l have resorted to spending much of my  time interacting with as many youths as  possible.

Today l was just doing a one on one research to find out what are the youths passionate about. I wanted to observe and understand how many ideas and worthy strong passions lie in the young people of the world. So the three ladies (who are all Monash South Africa students), Yananiso Murimigwa (Zimbabwe), Lelethu Dlabantu(South Africa) and Tarryn Leigh Bowes (South Africa) shared quite some insightful thoughts with me. They all believe in the coming together of youth and the importance of domestication of International Laws that enhance Youth participation in regional, national and global socio-economic/political affairs. They are all planning to run projects that will better their communities.


 Yananiso is a Communications and Criminology and Criminal Justice student at Monash who wants to fight crime both in her home country Zimbabwe and South Africa. She plans on starting a project where she will be visiting prisons and rehabilitation centers to understand more about crime (what causes it and how can crime rates be minimized). What l loved most is that she is so passionate to make sure that as many youths are deterred from committing crime. She said she would be happy “if young people would be given platforms and enabling environments to focus on more productive and positive living styles”


One of the ladies, Tarryn, is a writer. She loves documenting stories of young people who are running projects to better communities. Her dream is to share stories of her peers to the international world. She told me that “although she still feels that she is still writing about almost anything, her dream is to write stories and articles on the young African people and market them to the whole world. She wants the youths to be heard, to be represented and to actively participate.” She is currently studying Journalism and Communications.


Lelethu is a strong and hard working 24 year old lady who has all her hopes for African development in the youths. Just like Yananiso, she is also studying Criminology and Criminal Justice as well as Communications. Just through talking with her, l saw the passion she has to improve the learning styles and communication skills of young people in her community. As a public speaker herself, she believes that by running public speaking, carreer guidance and life skills workshops in both primary and high schools, it will better the young  minds’ understanding of the world. Her dream is to adopt schoold and advance their communication, learning and debating skills so as to enable their enhanced participation on global platforms. She wants to see “an educated, able and self-confident youth who are not scared to communicate or stand up for their rights especially WOMEN, who have been segregated for far too long especially in the traditional African communities.”


The reason why l shared this is not because l just love writing or only interested in hearing people talk, but because l also have strong faith in the YOUTHS of the world. I believe in global collaboration and active participation of the world’s young population. I only interacted with three today…..HOW MANY MORE ARE OUT THERE WHO ARE LIKE-MINDED?? Let’s do this together. What we need is just HOPE and PASSION !!!!

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